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Looking for a larger vehicle...any bad history on these guys?

Upgrade to a larger vehicle to fit this ever growing family!I am looking at a few different options and am curious about positive or negative feedback on them. I have put 90,000 on my 03 Pontiac Vibe with no trouble and am now looking at 2005 -2007 cars…all of which have 60,000+ miles on them.

Honda Pilot
Honda Odyssey
Volvo XC90
Acura MDX

Any feedback on these cars?

Honda Pilot - solid
Honda Odyssey - auto trans is a weakness
Volvo XC90 - lots of problems and very expensive repairs likely - avoid this one
Acura MDX - not sure if this model has some auto trans issues or not

Honda’s auto transmission problems were more common in the 1999-2004 vehicles. I like my 02 Odyssey and would buy a 05-07 model.

Yes, the MDX did have transmission issues, most prevalent in the 2003 and earlier models. The 2005-2006, though, have an high rate of complaints for harshness of shift.

There really weren’t many Honda vehicles in the late 90s / early 00s that didn’t have significant automatic transmission issues of one sort or another. Get one with a manual, though, and you’re golden.

Isn’t the MDX just a gussied up version of the Pilot?

Check out the Mazda Cx-9