2006 Honda Odyssey - shuddering transmission

Problem with Transmission shudders sometimes I hope someone know about this, is anyway where I can complain?

Complain about what ? This vehicle is 13 years old so it has been out of warranty for years.

Do you mean te his vans are good for short term? When i seen people own fords feom 1980 and they still runs grear

You have unrealistic expectations and how do you know just how many repairs those old Fords have had .
And please look at your posts and edit them for clarity.

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Yes, there are 20+ year old cars that run good. but 90+ percent of that year are in the junkyard. Also when you see one you have no Idea how many times the engines or transmissions have been replaced or rebuilt.

You are the victim of unrealistic expectations.

You will tell me Honda got the same qualitt them before? Let me lol Honda getting so back, if let me pick between Hyundai and Honda, will pick Hyundai in hard bit Honda is just name now

Try Dear Abby, she gets complaints about everything else.

I don’t believe I said one word, positive or negative, about Honda quality

Apparently you believe Hyundai makes perfect cars. You might want to do some reading on their Theta II engine.

13 years of use could hardly be considered to be “short term”.

Honda actually has a history of transmission problems, motor mount problems, and transmission mount problems going back 10-15 years. If anything, those problems are now much less common with Hondas than they were 10-15 years ago.