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Opinions about Hondy Oddysey

I would love any feedback about Honda Odysseys - good and bad,
The seem like a great car but I hear the auto transmissions go bad and the PAX Run flat tires are horrible.

So I would love to hear from any Honda Odyssey owners or mechanics about their experience with Honda Odyssey vans

We are on our 2nd Honda Odyssey, an couldn’t be happier.

Our first was 2003 that largely gave us no problems. However, a year ago or so the transmission started acting up. The quotes we got from several places exceeded the value of the van, so we decided to trade it in for a 2012 Odyssey.

Both of them have been fantastic family vehicles. I’d buy another one tomorrow.

Great minivans, but do not tow a trailer with one. The transmission is not up to it, as are transmissions in many other front drive vehicles.

A friend has had one for 7 years now and it has been flawless. His previous Dodge Caravan was nothing but trouble.

The Odyssey engine uses a timing belt. Expect to spend somewhere around $1000 at 100,000 miles or 7 years age, whichever comes first. If that doesn’t bother you, the Odyssey should serve you well.

No offense, but your inquiry is a bit vague

There have been several generations of Odyssey by now, with several different engines, transmissions, tires, etc.

Please tell us what model years you’re considering, and maybe even how much you expect to spend

I’m fairly certain nobody uses PAX run flat tires any longer. I believe they were only used a few years, and they were considered a dud. Honda actually wasn’t the only one to use this system, by the way

We have a comprehensive overview of the Odyssey right here at CarTalk. Full disclosure - I did the research and wrote the story. You are spot-on about the transmissions, but the years matter. The story shows you which are most prone to the troubles., our partner is the source of the data. I hope it helps.