Longlife Coolant, 5yr/150k by Peak

87 Integra, 147k, does 3k annually

Am I safe to leave the coolant for 5trs w/o drain & refill?

I just filled it up with Longlife Coolant, 5yr/150k by Peak.

At 3000 miles annually, you will only have 15,000 miles on the coolant by the time 5 years rolls around. I would leave it in that long, and check it regularly.

If you drove 15,000 miles per year, I would change it out at 3 years. Most of us are skeptical about the long life claims!

Thanks - very sensible reply.
I appreciate it.

Your car is pretty old and likely cooling system. I think 5yr/150k is likely fine however you likely will encounter a failure of the cooling system unrelated to cooling system on the way. During the cooling system issue you likely will get new fluid installed.

Great car by the way.

Yes, likely, very likely.

Well, I unintentionally left the 5 year, 150k mile coolant in my 97 Nissan truck for 7 years and about 110 k miles. Didn’t hurt a thing, the coolant was still clear.

I don’t recommend going 7 years, its just that for the last 5, I only drove the truck occasionally, like weekends mostly and I sort of forgot about the coolant. Its nice to know the stuff is good though. Unlike some hear, I have no reservations about using it and keeping it the 5 year/150,000 mile life.