Coolant Change - how frequest - LongLife

Integra, 1999, LS, Auto, 62k

I have been changing according to severe condition in the manual.

I had to replace the radiator and the Peak coolant states

- LongLife

- 5yr 150k miles


So my question is how often should i change the coolant?


Change the coolant at the interval specified in the maintenance schedule, as you have been doing.

This is a controversial question with no clear answer. Y’see, the antifreeze properties of the coolant last forever. But the corrosion inhibitors can be slowly used up. In addition, some cooling systems simply acquire sludge that intereres with the function of the system. So you may well be able to go 5yrs, 150K miles, as Peak recommends. Or you can follow Integra’s recommendation of every three years, or whatever. Or you can let it go as long as the coolant is clear. No one really knows.

But how much does a gallon of antifreeze cost? $6-$8? And a drain-and-refill is a simple DIY job, easier than an oil change. So do the job yourself in your driveway every three years and sleep well at night.

I’m w/ SteveF - you might get 5/150K out of coolant and save a few dollars and a little bit of time. But you also might not get that and instead really screw up the cooling system and then…of course the engine.

For something as simple as this, my choice is always to err on the side of caution.

The car manufacturer is the most knowledgeable about what you need. Follow their service plan.

You had to replace the radiator in a 99 Integra, I don’t think it was the coolants fault, or yours necessarily. Radiator failure that early probably is just bad luck, you got a marginal radiator from the factory. It happens.

Now if you used any chemical flush agent, then I think you did this to yourself, especially if the radiator leaked around the seam between the plastic tank and the Aluminum core. Those flushes are hard on rubber.

BTW, did the mechanic say why the radiator needed to be replaced? Were you having cooling problems or a leak?

Unless the vehicle in question is a 1996+ GM product…lol

We now have the strange situation where we have coolants that outlast the radiator. Ford was one of the first to go to 100,000 mile coolants with flimsy radiators that usually gave out before that. My wife’s 1994 Nissan Sentra is on its 4th radiator, including 2 factory ones.

Car comnpanies push long maintenance itervals but I am convinced that the 50,000 mile max. interval is best. As said elsewhere, for a few bucks, I am sleeping well.

Radiator leaked at the top - started just after an oil change at the GoodYear.

My point is when the Car was manufactured in 1999, the PEAK 5yr coolant was unavailable - if PEAK is reputed, then 5yr might be ok - I do coolant change - but not radiator change (Because I need a tool to remove the ATF hose clamp with 3 points - couldn’t buy it - the clamp has a little place to hold and it is at the bottom of the radiator, so a plier wasn’t could - any tip on this tool?).

I got a lifetime warranty on the replacement radiator.

have the same situation on a 2002 montecarlo ss with 42,300 miles using dexcollant 5 years or 50,000 miles the mechanic told me it was not nessary .but i.ll do it anway.for the peace of mind but on this engine their are two bleed valves i have to open after i put the new collant in.the cost is $10 to 12 dollars for the dexcollant