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Long crank no start when its cold

Ok I’m about to give up on that. Maybe someone will solve it. I have a automatic golf 2003 2.0 gaz. I bought it a month ago. The seller told me that he changed the battery and the starter, seems to be true it looks brand new. The day after the car is not starting. It’d crank and crank and crank but nothing. Than I do it again!.. nothing …after 4 time cranking for 10 second it seems to be catching up but than nothing. And thaaaan the car start but stall immediately… I try again and it finally catches. After that I barely press the gaz pedal and it stalls again. I start right up the engine no problem and let run for 2 minutes befor living and everything is fine I can use my car 2 hours later it will start. The next morning I bring my car to a garage (car didn’t start) i had to call a towing… and they tell me that there’s a problem with the fuel pump and it’s better to bring to scrap. So they took a propane tank and spread it in the engine, the car start so easily!!! As the guy was towin the car, a friend of mine calls me. expert in vw cars tells me not to put it to scrap that he would check it! He scanned it and these were the codes!

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well, what were they?

And from your description I also think it’s the fuel pump.

He opened a separate post on this with more info

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Much more info given in posters second thread for same car

The comment about propane. Does this indicate a vacuum leak?

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It’s really the cold the problem… yesterday it was very cold and it didn’t start but today it -5 and the car started with a little hesitation but it started.