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Car crank but wont start

Ok I’m about to give up on that. Maybe someone will solve it. I have an automatic golf 2003 2.0 gaz. I bought it a month ago. The seller told me that he changed the battery and the starter, seems to be true it looks brand new. The day after that the car is not starting. It’d crank and crank and crank but nothing. But it was nice crank! No starter or battery issues. Than I do it again!.. nothing …after 4 time cranking for 10 second it seems to be catching up but than nothing. And thaaaan the car start but stall immediately… I try again and it finally catches. After that I barely press the gaz pedal and it stalls again. I start right up the engine no problem and let run for 2 minutes befor living and everything is fine I can use my car 2 hours later it will start. The next morning I bring my car to a garage (car didn’t start) i had to call a towing… and they tell me that there’s a problem with the fuel pump and it’s better to bring it to scrap he also told that the car has not catalytic. So they took a propane tank and spread it in the engine, and turn the key the car start right up! So easily!!! As the guy was towin the car, a friend of mine calls me. expert in vw cars tells me not to put it to scrap that he would check it! He scanned it and there was these codes

In this order:

02 sensor heating circuit bank 1 sensor 2 short
Ground p1117

02 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 heating circuit malfunction p0141

Load calculation cross check upper limit exceeded p1143

Coolant temperature sensor signal too high p0118

Intake air temperature sensor signals too high p0113

Mass airflow sensor signal too low p0102

Random multiple cylinders misfire p0300

Miss fire in cylinders 1,2,3

Camshaft position sensor not a plausible signal

Engine rpm sensor not a plausible signal p0321

Sooo my vw expert friend told me immediately that it was the crank sensor (rpm sensor)! I bought one, he installed it. It didn’t solve the problem. Than I changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter. It didn’t solve the problem. I changed the maf!!.. it didn’t solve the problem… than we scanned the car again and all the codes was still there even if I changed the rpm sensor and the maf sensor. It was ridiculous. Than an other guy working in a car parts shop told me that it was a domino effect… if the camshaft position sensor doesn’t works the rpm and the maf wont work neither! So I changed it to! And alllll misfires codes and maf codes and rpm sensor codes and coolant shit codes EVERYTHING was gone but 02 sensors. Due to the fact that I dont have a catalytic on the car. BUUUUT it didn’t solve the problem neither… the next morning I experienced the same annoying problem. The car would start if the temparatur was no that cold but after 20 cranks.

My vw expert guy came to my house to change the spark plug. The car didn’t move in a week when he came. Before he changes the spark plugs, By curiosity I sit in the car and crank the engine…VROUUUMM one shot it started!! I was confused!! Than he changes the sparkplug and right after I sit again in my car and…nothing …same problem… seems that the car was happy that day but not for long but… after a week parked?? He was just as confused as I was. He never saw something like that, oh and important to mention. Everytime I tried to start the engine I did the "key dance "thing. Turn on ignition on and off several time to built a pressure in fuel line but…nothing. this morning I unplugged the fitting on the fuel line right beside my engine and turned the ignition on and a nice and clean splash of fuel popped up from it.

And here I am today!! Almost giving up on that! Maybe the coil pack? but I have no misfire left now since the new camshaft position sensor. Maybe a leaky fuel injector I’ve been told and maybe a bad ecu… can someone help me???I’ve headaches just thinking about it.

Those vehicles are known for bad coil packs. That coil pack and the plug that powers it are usually the culprit when you are certain that the security system is not causing this issue. You need to verify that the security system is not doing all of this to you on purpose. If you have another key you should try it. Pay attention to the dash lights…you should be able to see if the security indicator light is illuminating during the no start…it really sounds like you may be having a security issue and it will make you suspect a whole host of parts when in reality the vehicle is doing all this on purpose. So look into your security system and key…VW has a fairly complex system in play.

So aside from the coil pack and the security system… You really need access to the VAG Comm interface to be able to see exactly what the vehicle is doing and why… VAG is VW/Audi’s proprietary diagnostic interface and is a must have when troubleshooting their vehicles. It will very quickly lead you to the solution.

If you have a “VW expert guy” he should have already mentioned the VAG Comm to you because any and all VW experts will have this interface already as it would be beyond foolish to try and diagnose these vehicles without it. Ask your friend about it, if he never heard of it…find a different VW “expert”

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A cold coil pack could cause that? This morning the car wanted to start but my battery was dead. I had to boost it. I also heard about a leaky injectors… if the car stay sit for 5 hours I will experience the problem.

Sorry I couldn’t reply befor cause the forum didn’t allow me to repost before 24 hours

Its really very hard to say from my computer… There will be many clues to pick up on when you are standing with the vehicle, so all I can do is throw some ideas around or where to look.

If you have another key to the vehicle I would definitely try that. Also…lock your doors using the drivers door …lock and unlock a couple times to see if you can eliminate the security system as a suspect, because to me it sounds like that could be the cause… When the security system is intervening and creating a no start it will seem like many different parts are suspect, when the vehicle is actually doing all this on purpose. VW/Audi use a fairly complex security system and it has many layers… the RF chip inside the Key Fob… and the alarm itself, triggered by the door locks etc… Its complex

Also, your VW expert friend should have the VAG COMM software and OBD2 plug going into a laptop… With that software and interface the system will show you what is causing the fault fairly quickly. It really is a must have when working on VW/Audi vehicles. Some issues are easy to solve by normal troubleshooting and part replacements… But when it gets into possible security system stuff and other not so easy to determine problems…the VAG Comm is an absolute MUST.

Vag Comm should really be your first priority as your issues don’t clearly point to any specific part that needs replacement. It could be the coil pack, the fuel pump, security system, etc… You need the interface to be able to get a firm handle on it…it is a must have.

Ok thank you for your help! I’ll see where I can find one