Locked up wheel


I have a 1999 Plymouth Breeze with aprox. 80,000 miles. There has been a terrible “thumping” noise from the front end. I let the vehicle sit in the driveway since mid-August and tried to drive it slowly to the auto repair shop for diagnostics. The left front tire does not move AT ALL. It just drags along the pavement. Is there any safe way to free this tire up just so I don’t have to have it transported, or am I out-of-luck.



There could be a serious safety problem with that. If you can get someone with a bit of mechanical ability to look at it…


Serious indeed. I would have it towed to a reliable garage, not a tire shop or muffler shop. It would seem to be a seized front wheel bearing or seized front brake calipers, but there could be other problems as well. To tow it they will lift the front end up, so no further damage will occur. Hope it is only a bearing, but it could also be the CV joint, or the transmission/axle assemly. The tow truck driver should tell the garage what the problem is, so they won’t damage your car further.

Good Luck!!


Tow it. It will be the smallest part of this repair…