Front wheel won't work?

Hello all, I really need help so hopefully i’ll get some help. While driving with my friend today her front left wheel just stopped working. We stopped at a stop sign and it made this odd noise like we were skidding and then the wheel went all loose. We pulled into a parking space to find that the front left wheel no longer turned at all!! the right one turns but the left it just stuck! We are at a loss as to what to do and at a lack of sufficient funds to have it towed. Any suggestions?

You are going to have to call up some relatives and ask for money. There are uncles and aunts in everybody’s family. Your car seems to be generic so we don’t know which hammer or crowbar to recommend.

I agree with pleasedodgevan. Clearly, you are not asking for a diagnosis, since you wouldn’t be able to repair the problem with this mystery car yourselves.

Ask relatives and friends for the funds necessary to have the vehicle towed to a reputable shop for diagnosis. (Note: Do NOT have it towed to a chain operation, such as Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, etc. Get recommendations for an honest independent mechanic in the area.)

Then comes the really tough part–paying for the repair. The first step is to line-up your sources of funding, so start working the phones in order to enlist the help of your family and friends.

Well its possible that it has cooled down enough by now that you might be able to drive it a short distance, depending on the problem.

If its a brake caliper that locked up, you have a good chance of making it a couple of miles before it locks up again. If its the wheel bearing, the outlook is not so good. If you were hearing a roar from the front wheels, that would indicate that it is the wheel bearing and it may have welded itself in place. This could be a rather expensive repair.