Brakes issues on my 99 Plymouth Breeze

I have a 99 Plymouth Breeze and I recently did the back brakes, which are drums, on it. Well, when I took them apart both wheel cylinders were blown out. No big I fixed that and put everything back together and bled the system. Problem was after i got done doing all that the driver side brake acted like it was stuck on. You could barely turn it. We re-bled (brakes powered and unpowered, ABS on and off), took everything apart, cleaned and greased what needed to be greased, couldn’t find any marks to suggest that maybe the shoes had worn a groove into the backing plate causing it to stick. The only thing I could think of is maybe the computer and ABS aren’t seeing eye to eye. The ways its layed out, probably like most ABS sytems, is there’s a master cylinder w/booster that goes to the ABS pump and distributor. From there it goes to each brake where there is porportioning valve before going into either the calipers or wheel cylinders. When the ABS activated the computer send a signal to the distributor and opens or closes valves depending on which tires needs it. Any thoughts on what i can do or what should be done?

Chrysler products of this vintage need specific computer codes inputted to bleed the brakes. My dealer wants an outrageous $200 to bleed these brakes.