Locked out of Car Talk

Seems that Car Talk required I upgrade my Adobe Flash . When I did I was able to connect. Without the updated Adobe Flash…the screen never loaded. Just the Cartalk banner loaded. The rest of the screen was blank.

That’s pretty poor that it’s NOT backward compatible. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem.

I just brought my wife’s computer online after dumping Windows 8 and replacing it with Windows 7. I was able to get on Car Talk without Adobe Flash even though there was an annoying screen that kept popping up about loading Adobe Flash 13. I just kept clicking the screen off. I think it’s more of an Adobe problem than a Car Talk problem.

@MikeInNH‌, I am sorry you’ve had difficulty, and I have passed on your concern.

It’s probably related to that vdo problem you (or maybe it was TSM) mentioned prior. It’s needed for the moving graphics advertisements on the sides of the pages. Probably we’ll just have to put up with it, as the advertisements provide needed financial support the CarTalk website. It’s the “better to have 90% of something than 100% of nothing” problem.

I should note I haven’t experienced this particular difficulty myself. The only difficulty I’ve had was getting distracted by the photo of the really cute skimpily-clad lady over there in the advertisement on the right side of some of the page … lol …

Wow seen Her too,anyway if Mike has problems then Caveat Emptor,not to blow smoke-but if anyone as competent as He has problems we had better watch and learn.
@Missleman,uh,is there an advantage on W7 vs W8?-Kevin

@kmccune …I can take or leave Windows 8 but my wife hates it. We don’t use touchscreens so Windows 8 is basically a waste of space. Besides…Windows 8.1 requires you to sign in to Microsoft in order to go online which I refuse to do. Windows 7 is a great OS and it doesn’t hog hard drive space or memory like Windows 8.

@kmccune the advantage is that 7 is a good, solid, well-designed OS while 8 is a hot mess. It’s a fine OS under the hood, but it doesn’t know if it wants to be on a desktop or a tablet. The touch screen garbage is useless to those of us who would use it on a desktop. And if you don’t use the touch screen stuff, then there’s really no reason to upgrade because everything still runs perfectly on 7.

M$ seems to like to skip generations for greatness. XP was great, while Vista was junk. 7 was great, 8 is… Well… Not. By that pattern, 9 should be fantastic, so save your upgrade dollars until then.

There are other options out there, you know. Macs are good if you can afford them. Google Chromebook is a cheaper alternative. Linux can be had in several flavors, some of which you can get for free.