Locked acura

I have a 99 Acura TL.

It is parked in my garage, and the battery appears to have gone dead. It will not take a charge anymore, and has no power.

I learned that the transmision shifter locks when the battery is dead, and have found I am unable to even take the car out of park to push it out of the garage to have it towed for repair for another problem. Also, I do not have jumper cables long enough to reach the battery.

Is there some type of bypass for this that will allow me to shift it with out a battery?

Since the battery appears to be toast, why not replace it and go on from there.

Don’t know about a bypass. A jumper pack would have enough juice so the shifter should be OK to move. You could also purchase a battery and install it in the car. New batteries are fully charged when sold.

If you explain the situation to the towing company they should have a way to deal with the situation. The tow operators have pretty much seen it all, and likely solved this problem before.

If you have AAA or some other plan, a free jump service is part of your plan. They will also replace the battery (not free) wherever the car is. Or you can just have a mechanic come to your car with a new battery and replace it.

Usually next to the shifter is a little cover that you can remove. Under the pop out cover is a release button to allow you to move the shift lever out of park.

I would be very surprised if your Acura did not have this mechanical override for the shift lock. And, I would be even more surprised if this topic was not covered in the Owner’s Manual. Try looking in that little book for the location of this device.

Check the owner’s manual first. There’s probably a little slot (perhaps with a plastic cover over it right now) that you can insert a key and will then be able to shift out of park. Look on top of the steering column or near the shift lever.

Why not remove the battery from the car, then you can charge it or take it to a store for a new one?

Buy a battery. You will need one after repair correct?