Battery drain

My 05 Acura TL battery goes dead if I don’t drive it for 4-5 days. This continues after a new battery was installed 6 months ago. No lights were left on, etc. Dealer says I must not have driven it much prior to leave it sit for a few days. Dealer checked battery and systems and found nothing wrong. Then, last week I drove it 40 miles on the freeway and let it sit for 4 days, and the batter was dead again. Any suggestions?

A “few days” is not the problem. 6 months maybe. Assume you covered all the quick bases - battery holds a charge, alternator output ok, posts AND LEADS TO POSTS clean, connections from alternator tight, no white powder mess on the battery. Check the door switches again. Operate them with you finger and watch the interior go on and off. Any cell phone chargers left in place? After that, its someone who has the experience in know-how to run down the drain problem. Could be any of the motors that power seats and windows, or other things that don’t readily give themselves away. Not a do-it-yourself deal.

Thank you. All of the things you mentioned were checked, including interior lights going off, etc. Dealer checked the battery connections, etc. I think I will have to take it to the dealer and leave it overnight so that they can check the battery drain. What’s disturbing is that they claim this isn’t unusual for a car “loaded” with electronics. However, it does not have a NAV, and I have never used the Blue Tooth hands free link! Any other ideas out there?