2002 Camry Oil Filter



Where is the oil filter. We have searched the car, searched the internet, and even tried the manual with no luck. I know there is a filter because they tell you to change it regularly. Which I would like to to IF I could find it. By the way, I just purchased this used.


If I remember right, on a V6, it is under the front exhaust manifold just above the front engine mount. Be careful, it get pretty hot there.


Four cylinder or six? If the four, I’d bet on it being like the 1999 – on the side of the engine between and slightly above the air conditioner condenser and the dipstick. Right in front of you on the left if you lift the hood, stand in front of the middle of the grill, and face toward the rear of the car. You may need to step back one step, if you get too close to the engine, the shroud over the exhaust pipe may block your view of the oil filter.