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Location of fan relay switch on Dodge Caravan?

My fan relay switch is out on my 93 Dodge Grand Caravan (3.3L V6 AWD), and for the life of me, I’ve scoured my Chilton’s manual, the library, and the internet and I’m getting conflicting locations. I’ve checked near radiator-nothing as far as I can see. The dealership said it’s near the shock tower on drivers side…but it sounds like a big pain for a woman like me that doesn’t work on cars and I don’t have a jack or anything (I do have good tools though). Can anyone shed some light on how to get to this as easy as possible? It’s a cramped space in that compartment and I hate minivans! lol

If you open the hood, and look inside the drivers side fender, they’ll be a series of relays along the fender. These are small plastic boxes. The first relay towards the firewall is the low speed fan relay. The last relay towards the front of the vehicle is the high speed fan relay. There’s also an airconditioning fan relay. This is located on the firewall below the windshield. This relay is the first relay from the center of the engine compartment.

There’s also a relay switch. And that’s located at the front of the engine compartment on the radiator support.

Does any of this help?


The shock tower is just the housing for the shock, but the relay would be on the outside of that, so no jacking or tooling needed, as tester said.

Which Fan Relay Are You Looking For, The Engine Cooling Fan Or Air Conditioner / Heater Blower Fan Inside The Passenger Compartment ?

What’s not working and how did you determine the relay switch is bad ?