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2001 Dodge Grand Caravan air cooling fan switch

Does your Grand Caravan have a air cooling fan control switch problem? I had to jerryrig a switch to turn on my fan from within the car cuz the fan wouldn’t go on by itself. Thanx!!

The fan in front of the radiator? On my old Voyager there was a sensor/switch mounted to the metal of the left front fender. It failed and kept the fan from turning on, if I recall correctly.

check fuse #27 40 amp in the IPM box. If is not burnt, find the relay, it has a 4 wire connector, org/red is power; dark blue/dark green powers both radiator fans; black/dark green grounds both fans (fans are also grounded at S102); dark blue/violet is feed back to ECM, (you should have a P0480 code ). Check for power and grounds at relay and fan connectors. Let us know.

Answered wrong thread:roll_eyes:

OP is probably referring to the radiator/condenser fan. It, not the HVAC fan, should “go on by itself.”

That is the way I read the OP too. Probably the switch is bad, it is 18 years old and parts break or wear out.

If you are talking about the cooling fan for your radiator, you probably need a new cooling fan control module.

On my 2003, it was located under the plastic bumper cover, riveted to the top of the steel bumper.