Radiator fan

I own a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan and the radiator fan runs continually, even after turning off the engine. I’ve been told the fan relay needs replaced, but I can’t locate it. I called the Dodge dealership, but they did’nt return my call. Can anyone help.

Does the owner’s manual have a list of fuses and relays? Many cars have the names of fuses and relays molded into the cover of the fuse box or relay box. It could be under the dash or under the hood. A service manual, such as Haynes, would also show you the location.

Thanks for the reply. I checked under the dash & hood. I have a Haynes book, but could not find it in there. I crawled underneath to try to follow the cables from the fan (it’s a double fan)to see where they lead to. All I could see was a cable going from one fan to the other.

The fan relay is located in the fuse panel under the hood beside the battery. The fuse panel cover is marked inside the lid.

Swap the fan relay with the horn relay, and listen to the horn blast! OK, don’t put that relay in the horn relay’s place.

On a chevy corsica 1993, the relay is under the hood at the firewall, on the far pasanger side. Had a problem that the fan was staying on, fan burned out, replaced a leaky radiator, and now can’t get the fan to run at all, even though the relay and temperature sensor (in the engine) have been replaced.