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When I try to listen online with Firefox 8 with the volume at max I get only a whisper of sound. With Safafi it works fine. Any ideas?

This could be many things and difficult to diagnose through a forum. You don’t say what your operating system, version, hardware etc. is, making it next to impossible. If you are using Windows, try going to the Control Panel, Sounds and Audio devices, Audio tab and see if the default device is using your sound card (whatever brand) or the PC speaker.

Applications can use default or specific hardware, depending on the installation. Your experience shows that these 2 apps are accessing them differently. You might be able to go into the settings for each and see what they are using and change Firefox to use the same as Safari.


Considering that Firefox 8 was only released a couple days ago, you might want to consider what some consider a best practice: don’t use the newest version of anything. Let the problems be someone else’s problems.

Additionally you should be reporting this issue to the manufacturer rather than or in addition to an automotive disscussion board.

Littlemouse is right that brand-new versions often have problems, but the player has caused some people to have trouble over the last few months. A little bird told me that the Car Talk folks have been working with someone to diagnose what the player issues are. As it turns out, apparently the player isn’t the problem, but local settings can cause malfunctions. An explanation of these settings is due to come out fairly soon.

I have not downloaded a new version of Firefox in 2 months but when I click on Firefox it says Firefox8, I also use Safari 5.1.1on a 4year old Mac mini running OSX 10.6.8. I didn’t have any trouble listening in Firefox until the day I posted.

Sorry, I’m a PC person. I have an Apple //e in the closet but nothing more recent. These browsers can be a pain to get to work and it can also be the hosting web site may support only one browser. If Safari is working for you I’d go with that. I have an iPod with the Cartalk app on it. That seems to work too. You can also just download the Podcast and play it.

FireFox 8 has a lot of problems, mostly that it crashes a lot. I listen to Car Talk on my iPad, with the free Car Talk App, and it works just great.

Thanks for trying to help, I tried uninstalling Firefox8 and installing Firefox5 but it kept re-installing Firefox8. I am probaly the least computer savvy guy on the forum, never even tried to use one until 4 years ago when I bought a Mac Mini. Never used a PC. Grandson will be over this weekend, he is working on his Doctarate in computer science so I will let him fix it.

If you’re running Time Machine with that Mac, reverting to a previous version of FireFox is a snap. That’s how I did it, and it takes about a minute to do it. IMO, all Mac users should have a large external hard drive (about twice the size of the Mac’s internal drive) and run Time Machine, at the very least.

I suspect that Firefox is configured to automatically update itself. Change the preferences (Firefox:Preferences:Advanced:Update) and make sure the automatic update option is no selected. That said, I would suggest that Safari may work better on this site. That has been my limited experience.

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We’ve just updated our FAQ, thanks to lots of work from a programmer who specializes in the player we use. The FAQ and related info is here:


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