1998 Ford Contour, Won't Shift into Park

Hey all,

Looking for some help, today after coming home my car wouldn’t shift into either reverse or park. I could force it into reverse by pushing it up, but it would never “click” into reverse as it were. Trying to force it into park was just impossible. Right now I have it on neutral parked against the curb. No lights have turned on in the intrument panel, theres no leaking of fluids, and there hasn’t been any prior instance of anything similar to this. It was pretty much out of the blue. Any help would be appreciated.



I don’t know if this would apply to your vehicle. Had this problem with old Chev C10 Van. Check the integrity of your linkage (shift lever to the transmission) - bent? loose pivots? loose bolts? some kind of rock/dirt/crud wedged into or against the linkage? Have someone move the shift lever to and from where it will go while you watch things. This will help spot the problem - linkage loose, twisting, etc. If this doesn’t apply to your car, is anything wedged next to the shaft of your shift lever? Up on a lift with a flashlight would be good.

See if a stone or other road debris has lodged behind the linkage next to the transmission and is jamming it…Trying to FORCE it is not the answer…

I wonder if a broken engine or transmission mount may be causing your problem. This would cause the drivetrain to move in relation to the shifter.