2003 Lincoln LS V8 Cooling Fan

My Lincoln engine / coolant fan is running high about 90% of the time but the car is not overheating or heating up prior to the fan issue. This is a new situation. I’m trying to avoid a $1200.00 new fan purchase ( it only comes as a one unit option - fan, shroud, motor ). Have you had any experience or a work-around for this situation? Gratefully - Mike

Isn’t it a hydraulically driven fan on those cars? You mean its running 90% of the time? I would make sure its not being commanded on by a faulty ECT sensor or fan speed sensor or something. I mean if the fan is running maybe its being told to?

Any more info?

Have the cylinder head temperature sensor tested.

This is what commands the PCM to run the fan which has it’s own micro-processor.


I’ve no experience with this make, but on an econobox anyway, I’d guess the most likely problem would be a faulty coolant temp sensor or sticking fan relay. Make sure it isn’t one of those two, before moving on to something more complicated. Make sure when testing the coolant temp sensor, you are testing the right one. On most cars there are two, one for the dash gauge, and one for the computer. It’s the one for the computer that usually is involved with the decision to turn the fan on and off.



Is this what you’re talking about?

If you do need it, it’s only $335.79 at rockauto.com

They also have the temp sensor . . . $27.79