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We need a thumbs down symbol as well for spammers and shills.


+1, that would be an excellent addition

Nope, just flag them. Click on the ‘…’, then the flag.


Absolutely not. Every discussion site that’s tried such a scheme has devolved into “I’m going to thumbs-down you because I disagree with you.” It gets especially insidious on the sites where the downvotes influence post visibility, because then if you don’t happen to agree with the hive mind, you can’t be heard.

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So you’re the guy that flagged me? It used to be you could see who did the flagging but not anymore. OK, flag but let me see who. I dunno, I guess I’m silent on the thumbs up and down issue. I think if someone has an issue, they should simply post what and why instead of using a thumbs down.

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I would vote against the thumbs down button. When we had the last system I had one person hitting the off topic button whether I was off topic or not.

Well, I guess the majority have spoken, I also did not see how to flag something. I hate symbols substituting for words. I don’t mean the thumbs up, that one has been around a lot longer than I have. But three dots ? Nothing intuitive about that.