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My parking lights keep coming on everytime i press on the breaks could this be because my turn signal switch is not returning the signal to the off position

Normally, the parking lights are not involved with the brake light / turn signal circuits. But with today’s multi-function switches, with the headlight dimmer on the same stalk, anything is possible…A non-canceling turn signal is a mechanical problem, not an electrical one. But like I said, if the POS switch is falling apart, anything is possible…

It could be a lamp. Replace the rear multifunction lights. It also could be a bad ground.

I used my turn signals more throughout the hour after finding this out and everything is back to normal thats why i think it has something to do with the turn signal switch in the steering colum. any more advise would help thanks in advance.

Next time it goes out, remember the advice above. The on and off problem is a good indication that it is a bad combination lamp

Turn signal switch usually effects the brake lights and not the running or parking lights. Bulbs that contain both filaments can sometimes short together and cause a feedback problem. If the dash lights also come on when you press on the brake this is a sure sign that one of the bulbs is bad.