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Brake Lights, Parking Lights wont turn off

I’ve got a 2000 Toyota Corolla; a few days ago, I noticed that the brights indicator light on the dashboard was flashing at a very regular interval; as of this morning, the parking lights and the brake lights won’t turn off, even when I turn off the car or flick any lights switch (I’ve tried them all). What needs to be replaced to fix this?

It sounds like the circuits are crossed somewhere. To determine which power source is suppling power to the lights try pulling the taillight relay and then the headlight relay. See if pulling one of them turns out the lights.

A point of clarification. Is it the ‘brake lights’ or maybe the tail lights that are lit. One way to differentiate is to step on the brake pedal. If the lights brighten, the tail lights are the ones continuously on.

I suspect you have a problem in the multifunction switch on the steering column.

Post back with what the solution was for this.