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2004 Buick Rendezvouse Turn signal and Brake lights don't work

I turned the car on this morning and my turn signals don’t work, there is no clicking sound when I flip the left or right signal and when I step on the brakes the brake lights don’t illuminate. Needless to say the cars behind me don’t like it when I slow down to make a turn. Can’t be the bulbs and the symptoms make me think it is more than a fuse.

Most likely it is a fuse or a circuit breaker. The clicker stops working when a bulb burns out or the circuit is open. It’s done that way to let you know something is wrong. Look around in the trunk to see if anything looks damaged where the tail-light connectors are located. Sometimes a grocery bag or something will dislodge the plastic cover protecting the connections and damage the wire harness. This should be a simple and not very expensive fix. But you may need to enlist your local auto-electric specialist to help you fix it, unless you have the proper tools and are capable of tracing out the wiring schematic for your car.

Try turning the ignition key back a little when the car is running. If that gets them working, you have a bad ignition switch The only other suspect is a bad turn signal or multi function switch/

I would go along with a defective multifunction switch. This is a common problem with GM vehicles. The reason the turn signals and brake lights don’t work is because the turn signals, brake lights, and emergency flasher circuits all run thru the multifunction switch. Go try turning on the emergency flashers. And if they don’t work, it’s the multifuncion switch.