Lights Flickering

2001 Toyota Avalon. Car has about 100K miles. After idling for a few minutes every light in the car will begin to flicker (bright,dim,bright,dim) They don’t go all the way out. I mean every light. Dome lights, headlights, dash lights, every light in the car. We have replaced the alternator, no luck. You can actually turn the switch off, crank the car back up and immediately take off and no flicker. But get stopped by a red light for a little too long and everyone on the road with you at night must think a space ship is landing.

This kind of trouble is usually due to bad diodes in the alternator. You have replaced it but it is possible that it still may not be working correctly. This may be because the battery is weak or bad or there is a wiring problem in the car. I suggest you have a shop do a load test on the charging system and see what the results are.