Electrical issues

Dash lights done lights noticeably flickering some times fast some times slow in drive park and neutral sometimes it doesn’t flicker at all … It happens when the car has say over night and I’ve just started it and it stops some times it doesn’t stop flickering. But it also doesn’t happen when I first start the car and after driving a while it starts flickering and again some times it stops some times it doesn’t. It happens while I’ve been driving a while and it happens when the car has say for days and I just turn it over and the lights just flicker… My battery died left head lights on and now my dash lights don’t light up the odometer only the seat belt light comes on the dash.

Dome lights and head lights tail lights as well radio lights&clock

My battery died left head lights on…

Important: How did the battery get charged?
Was it “Jump started” or was the battery replaced, charged with a battery charger, or other?


Flickering lights is usually a sign that the alternator diode pack has a problem. This is especially so if the lights flicker faster as you increase the engine speed. You should have the charging system checked out and see if there is excessive AC ripple voltage being generated by the alternator. AC ripple should be less than .1 volt at the battery with the engine running. If the ripple voltage is bad enough you may have blown out dash lights. The battery may have an intermittent problem that is causing issue but the alternator is the better suspect. The one thing that I have to wonder about is that the light flickering seems intermittent and when a diode goes bad it stays that way.


Most “national chain” Auto Parts stores will test your car’s charging system (alternator & battery) free of any cost (and no obligation to buy anything), in their parking lot. I have a local Advance Auto Parts that provides this service and I’ve heard that other parts suppliers offer the service.

You could call a store near you and arrange to go there and have the system checked. Post the results/recommendations here and folks will offer advice.

Some will give a print-out of the electrical test. If you can get that, then information on the slip will help, too.


Sometimes cleaning and tightening the battery connection can fix this symptom.