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Light cover Crack


Hi, experts,
We drove home a brand new audi Q5 on Monday, November 26th. We found a horizontal crack (completely) on the rear light cover with some water drops inside at the bottom on Wednesday night. There was no rains at all during those passed days, and it always stay in garage. Only the dealer washed this car for sure. My questions:
what cause the damage? How the water came in? The dealer refuse to replace cover. Waiting …

Either something hit it, or it was damaged during assembly.

Frankly, I expect better service from a luxury car dealership. Acura treated me much better with more expensive components. Were I you, I’d contact Audi corporate and explain your problem. The dealership is being stupid, risking losing a lifetime customer over a freaking tail light.

water is a funny thing it can seep in the smallest cracks. far as the dealer goes i think they are shooting them shelf in the foot refusen to budge on the lens

Thank you so much for your suggestion. Can condensation form in the brocken light compartment? If no rain, no wash. Thanks

yes it can

We drove the car home on Monday late afternoon, and found the water 48 hours later - Wednesday night. Only 48 hours!

Yes, condensation can form on a broken taillight…inside. If moist, warmer air gets into the light (and it will), when the outside temperature drops the air inside will drop in temp too. No longer being able to hold the moisture, it’ll deposit it on the cooler lens and/or other surfaces encapsulated in the light.

Frankly, I’m appwlled that they didn’t replace the lens. Your owner’s manual should have redress avenues defined in it. Look there and follow the trail.

" There was no rains at all during those passed days, and it always stay in garage. Only the dealer washed this car for sure "

" That’s what they all say, " is probably what the dealer representative was thinking when your claim was denied.

Who’d you talk to a the dealer ? The Salesperson ? The Service Manager ?

I’d talk to a dealer principal - the General Manager or the Owner (unless that’s who you were talking to, already). Explain what happened and see if the outcome is any different.

Even if you were one of those “That’s what they all say” people, they owe a new or repeat customer the benefit of the doubt the first time around.


When you’re ready to get a new car, start there and when the salesman starts asking question say, “Why yes I am in the market but because of the way I was treated here I won’t be buy from this dealership, I just want to see what’s out there before I go someplace else.”

Then wait to see what they say.