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Condensation in taillights: 2018 Buick Encore

Anyone having condensation up high in the rear tailights? Mine is brand new. Both sides have it. Dealer says its normal for the condensation to be able to escape. Anyone else experiencing this?

Sooo it isn’t escaping is it? What did the dealer say they are going to do about it?

Hey thanks. They said they could be replaced but there shop said it happens to all the encores. He did say I could go to my local dealership and get a second opinion. I bought vehicle from out of state

Then have him put his money where his mouth is and replace them so you can see if “it happens to all encores.”

I’d bump my complaint “upstairs” to GM corporate. See owners manual for how.

Go to any dealer, walk out into the lot, find a few new Encores, and check for yourself. Is there condensation inside the tail lights? Let us know.

He may have thought it would be more convenient for you to visit your local dealer rather than for him to order new tail lamps and have you drive that distance again to have them replaced when they arrive.

Yeah I’m gonna go to the local dealer and see what they say.

No, I’m not experiencing that but I don’t own an Encore. Hopefully the dealership will figure out a permanent fix for this problem. In the meantime you could try using a hair dryer to warm the tail-light unit; that might help the condensation to evaporate.

Don’t melt your tail lights with a hair drier. If there is water inside your tail lights they will be replaced, there might be a delay while waiting for revised parts to arrive.

I wouldn’t accept this. Sooner or later you’ll probably start to have issues with the sockets corroding. I agree with checking with your local dealer first and then escalating to Buick if necessary.

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We have had our 2018 Encore for just over a year. No sign of condensation whatsoever.

Thanks for the response I will go to dealership and get replaced most likely

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Yes oops I meant go to the local dealership. I bought vehicle out of state