Light car door for arthritic mom

Hey, are there any driver side doors that open electronically? My severely arthritic mom is hurting herself opening the door on her current car. She wants something like a Lincoln/ Cadillac, that is, a full-size sedan that’s easy to enter with no regard whatsoever for fuel economy. Preferably under $50k. HELP!

She will likely have to get a car customized. Check in her area for the folks who modify vans or cars for disabled people. They may have done it before or know where she should go. It might make sense to modify the car she drives now.

I only know of one such car and it’s not sold in the United States. That said, many modern cars have doors that are extremely easy to open. Identify cars that she may be interested in and try them out. The idea of getting a big car with big doors though seems counter-intuitive to her plight. She would do best to investigate smaller vehicles with light doors.

Full-size sedans like she’d want just don’t come with light doors. She’s either going to have to compromise and get something that’s not quite so big (which will have an accompanying lighter set of doors), or find someplace that can do some sort of custom motorized job.

Start looking at 4 door cars. The doors and not only smaller and lighter, you can usually open them wider in a parking lot and, while they are smaller, they offer easier access since they are generally mounted closer to the front.