what cars have easy steering for people with arthritis or other strength problems?

May I Make A Suggestion ?
Rather Than Shopping For Cars That Have Easy Steering And Then Checking Them Out To See If They Meet Your Needs, Why Not Shop For A Vehicle That You Like And See If It Steers Easily ?

Steering Isn’t The Only Variable For People With Arthritis. There Are Door Convenience Features (heavy/light door operation and ease of entry and exit) And Other Driving And Creature Comfort Controls That Aren’t All Standard.

I think you’ll need to take some extended road tests or possibly rent a vehicle similar to the ones that interest you.

To get started . . .
What type of vehicle do you like cars - (large, small ?) SUV, etcetera ?
What do you currently drive ?
New or used ?
What is the budget amount ? How much would you like to spend ?


Ultimately CSA is right. There are lot’s of variables. As far as steering is concerned, ease is not the only issue. The fewest turns from lock to lock as well as overall handling ease. It sounds like a case of deciding what car you want first, then “hitting the bricks” to find the model that handles the easiest overall. That would be tough on the driver, but a surrogate tester could qualify the models for the driver for final testing .

I would talk to dealers with a multitude of models and get their input. I would also write CU for suggestions as well based upon their testing and reviews.

CSA and Dag are right. I have arthritis and joint problems, and in addition to having had to go through the selection process myself I’ve helped friends who’ve had similar disabilities. Along with steering ease, there’s vehicle entry and egress, pedals (one vehicle had too hard a brake pedal for a friend with foot problems), and even he ergonomics of the heater controls.

The process I take them (and myself) through is to select desired models using the Consumer Reports New Car Preview from the bookstore, then stop by the dealerships to check the cars out and do test drives. I’ll generally do the “does the door open and close easily” test and the initial test drive to test the steering. If those two elements are easy, the rest is up to the potential purchaser.

It take research, time, and patience. There’s no way to skip that.

You could always see if one of those steering wheel knobs used by disabled people would help you.