Easy Ingress/Egress


My 70-something year old parents have been driving an Avalon. My dad has arthritis and other health issues that make getting in and out of low sedan difficult, so my mother is thinking about getting a new vehicle.

She would like some suggestions on something that is easy to get in and out of, and gets good gas mileage. It should also have easy cargo access, to make it easier to load and unload walker/wheelchair/etc.

They don’t need to carry many people in the car. Usually it is just the two of them, occasionally it is 4, but never 6 or 7 or 8.


A friend of mine who is wheelchair bound with MS is using a Honda Odyssey to good success. Same for my Mazda MPV (which Mazda has quit manufacturing). A Toyota Sienna would work well also. Not only are they relatively easy to get into, they are not low to the ground like sedans, and carry folded wheelchairs easily. Any of these choices will yield about 20 mpg.


Another vote for a minivan. The combination of relatively high seating position and high doors make tham easy to get into and out of with little bending needed. If they are looking for something used, a short wheelbase Chrysler or Dodge minivan can be picked up very cheaply. Look for a 2002 to 2007 model.


I recently got a Matrix because it’s thrifty and it’s easy for my wife to get in and out of. The cargo area is flat and at a comfortable height.


Have to include a CRV/Escape or other compsct suv in the mix…opt for the 2wd models for better economy.


I can report that the Subaru Forester has seats that are exactly butt height, thus meaning that you don’t have to climb up, as in large SUVs and you don’t have to lower yourself down to the seat, as in most sedans. You simply slide onto the seat to enter, and you can exit equally easily.

The Forester also has very good cargo capacity and is extremely reliable. As to fuel economy, you could probably expect about 24 mpg overall, which is good for the category, but not exceptional when compared to small sedans.


As you can see, there are all sorts of possibilities out there. But there is no substitute for your parents spending time with actual cars. Happy shopping!


I agree that going to the dealerships and letting them know your parents are just looking at seat height, etc. and they aren’t buying today, then you should be alright. Go with them and make a day of it, if there is one of those International Auto Shows going on near your home town, you should go there as they should(atleast the one in Columbus ohio did) be able to sit in just about anything made today.


My neighbor is about 76 and has degenerative back disease. He just switched to a new CRV from an Accord. Give it a try.


Not perfect on fuel economy but I know three sets of older folks who like the Subaru Forester for easy ingress/egress.


Thanks, everyone. They have started looking at some cars and have narrowed it down a bit. I will pass on this info and let them take it from there.


Taurus is supposed to be easy to get in/out. Why do you need good mileage, do they drive a lot? At 4 bucks a gallon, and 5000 miles, difference between 20 mpg and 35 mpg is only $429. Lots of old folks like Crown Victorias and Grand Marquis. The trunks are big and easy to get stuff out of, they are inexpensive and reliable.


You’re welcome. Let us know what they choose. It may help someone else in the same situation.