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License Plate Frames -- Design

There is a market for anything I imagine, suer I bought a plastic frame for cosmetic appeal, $5 I think, always thought the silver chain was cool, even bought a hitch receiver decoration with lights that went on with the brakes and looked like a boat prop, would I buy anything now, maybe if I thought it was too cool, but probably not. The prop toy has been parked on a garage shelf for years. Bob or barb or barbed wire might be cool

I’m not fan of license plate brackets. With that said, earlier this year I ended up buying this thing

The person who finished last in our league decided to renege on the agreed upon consequence for coming in last. The choices were A. Wear a toilet seat around your neck during next years draft. Or B. have the license plate bracket on your car from the end of the season until next season’s draft day. We already had another similar license plate bracket on hand. But the person who came in last said she would just keep the license plate bracket on her desk for the until next season. This was not what was agreed to, so I obtained the above linked bracket, and then myself and another member of the league (who happens to be a police officer) covertly put it on the rear license plate on her car. It took two weeks before she noticed it was there.


This person added candy sticker, last post not noticed yet :sunglasses:

I’m sorry but I just didn’t read all these. I get my frames free from the dealer (well hidden cost) and that’s just fine. It’d have to be something pretty spectacular for me to pay for one. I like them though to finish the look of the plate and keep the rear ones from flopping around in the wind like some do. However, it is illegal to have the state name covered up so you really don’t have much room. Some frames are still out there with the state covered up.

Never bought a frame, never will.

Who’s Candy? Does Mommy know? And is that a surfboard or is Daddy just happy to see Candy? :blush:

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A CRC billet aluminum or stainless steel frame could make a nice gift, provided it can be ordered w/personalized text.

Actually, I think this is a great idea. And be sure the frame says right on it that it’s “green” (made of recycled materials or whatever). That is one market segment that seems willing to pay very elevated prices in support of their principles, and I’ve never seen a frame that said this.

Perhaps the top could say “this frame from recycled materials” and the bottom could say "IS YOURS?"
Environmentalists seem to like to shame others (no offense meant to anyone) so they might go for this.

CSA deserves a commission for this idea.

License plates cost too much so there is no way I’ll spend more money to frame them.

Yeah mine cost $400 so on the contrary, I want them framed-just like a work of art.

Oh…it’s not just the young adults. Not owning a car is very common in big cities. I know people in their 50’s who live in Boston (Back Bay) who don’t own a car. I have cousins raging from mid 40’s through 70’s who live in NYC who never had a drivers license.

Dang, there goes my “I like beans” idea for a plate frame I was going to sell in Boston. Like Babe would have said though “no one has a car in Boston, the traffic is too bad”.

…or, as Yogi Berra said about a certain restaurant, “Nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded”.

That sounds like something the late, great Yogi would have said.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Oh, that’s right!
I did, in the post one minute before yours.

I hope that was for 5 years. Although motor vehicle fees have greatly increased in Oregon they are still not so bad compared to other states. When I purchased my first vehicle in 1967 at the age of 15 the title transfer was $10. Registration was $10 per year and when purchasing a motor vehicle did not have to be renewed until it expired. Still no sales or recurring property tax on vehicles. It is now $71 for title transfer. $76 for 2 years registration, and $76 for driver license renewal good for 8 years! Nearly as much as a U.S. passport (10 years). It reminded me of a song from Bob Dylan’s Desire album " Black Diamond Bay". " Her passport shows a face from another time and place she looks nothing like that".

Nope $400 per year per car. Not as bad as my nephew in Denver though who pays over $700 per year. Maybe it’ll come down now with the pot tax. South Dakota is about $35 though.