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Liberty CRD - Started/Stalled/Won't Start - Mechanic Needed

Hey all, Newbie to this forum. In need of some help.

I own a 2005 Liberty CRD. About 150,000 miles on, and I’ve kept up with maintenance.

Never have had an issue with starting the vehicle, until this week. Started it up just fine (warm day), and in the process of backing up it stalled on me. Put it in park, waiting a minute, and then tried to start it up. The engine will crank, but not turn over. The tank is half fuel (fyi). ha

Had it towed, and big shocker, I’m being quoted $1,800 to replace the PCM.

I’ve called around to a few places, but no one seems to know jack about this vehicle.

Is anyone on here familiar with the CRD’s, or could possible suggest a mechanic in the NW Houston area?

Thank you all! is a site that specializes in Chrysler vehicles. There should be a discussion board specific to your vehicle. I have found lots of helpful articles and answers to my questions regarding my Plymouth and Chrysler minivans. Best wishes.

Do you know why the shop recommends a replacement PCM? PCM failures are pretty unusual. There’s a lot of PCMs that are replaced that don’t fix the problem b/c the original PCM wasn’t broken in the first place, something else. To minimize that possibility usually a shop would start by checking for diagnostic codes, then determining if the cranks but won’t start problem is due to a fuel system or ignition system problem. Does it start with a spray with starter fluid? Fuel pressure test, injector pulsing test, spark test. Has that all been done? If it has and the diagnosis is the PCM is shot, $1800 seems within reason. You are lucky that there’s one available. If you click at the upper left on, you’ll see a link to “mechanix files” where you can type in your location and get a list of recommended mechanics. The best way to find a mechanic however is to ask friends, coworkers, family for a local mechanic recommendation.

Since this is a diesel, I don’t know what would make it stall but lack of fuel. I would try starting fluid also. Is this at a jeep dealer? I would also ask exactly what diagnostic tests were run that led to the diagnosis of a bad computer. If the answer is , we tried everything else, it has to be the computer, tow your car out or there.
There is an outfit called Carcomputer Exchange that I found online- I know absolutely nothing about them, good or bad but if you want to call them the # is 888-772-1068.