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2008 Jeep Liberty cranks, no start

liberty usually when hot starter cranks wont start dealer told me since brand new to let it grind till it dies then try again . first years it would grind 1or 2 times then start now at 10 years its 12 times or a cooling period. i was just told by a man that does starters and altenators its more computer

The engine should start in 1 or 2 seconds, it sounds like you have been driving around for ten years with a failing fuel pump. Has anyone tried to diagnose this problem?

No they said bring it in when it’s doing it lol

So apparently you DIDN’T bring it in? So you really didn’t want the problem fixed? And now you do?

Are you waiting for the starter to die?

And you didn’t question his ideas. I think he had a loose screw and you were gullible enough to swallow that BS.


If it won’t start how do they expect you to bring it in? I concur, first guess is fuel related problem of some sort. A fuel pressure test is where I’d start. It could also be the ignition system, possible the crank position sensor or ignition module, as they are both known to fail when over-heated. Check for spark at a spark plug during cranking for that. You may have to take it to a shop and have them keep it for several days until they can get it to act up.