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PCM needed

I need a PCM for my 1997 dodge grand caravan LE 3.8L and would like to know if anyone has used a place that repairs your old one or has good success with remanufactured. Also have a decent warranty and no hassle if there’s a problem to return or exchange it if needed. I’m trying to find someone locally but if I can’t some referrals would be helpful. Reason I ask for example there’s a place locally but it has enough 1 star reviews that I wouldn’t want to use them. One major thing, since I’m totally disabled and on a fixed income, is money is beyond tight so any place known to be good and reasonably priced would be great.

First off, we don’t know what “locally” means to you since you didn’t post your location.

Second, old electronics are becoming a real problem since parts used to make them have 20 years of deterioration that render them useless.

RockAuto shows remanufactured ECU’s for FWD and AWD Grand Caravans for $127 and $190 with a core charge of $75 and $41 respectively. RockAuto stand behind their parts.

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I have been told twice by mechanics that a car of mine needed a new PCM. Both times they are wrong. I also read an article that said that most PCMs returned as cores have nothing wrong with them. However I can’t cite the source because it was quite a while ago.

Tell us what exactly is wrong with your van.

I wasn’t asking for anyone here to look locally, I said I’m looking locally and wanted referrals for other places possibly anywhere in the U.S. that people have used and had a good experience with. Thanks for info, I’ve heard fairly good things about Rock Auto, might go that way if I don’t find a local. But just incase someone does know of a place I’m in Houston Tx.

One more good source of could be the minivan forum at

Yeah, I’ve heard that about pcm’s. The deal here is the starter relay circuit isn’t being grounded and on this van it’s grounded through the pcm. All the wires and relays and fuses have been checked six ways to Sunday and can’t find any other problems that might cause that.

I had put out another forum under No Crank No Start. The extensive testing done is showing the starter relay circuit isn’t being grounded and on this van it’s the pcm that grounds it. The wires, relays, fuses etc have been checked and rechecked and some checked again and can’t find any other problems.

I’ve got a forum out there right now about the original problem but wouldn’t hurt to try as many places as possible.

Here is a link to your previous post about this issue:

In that previous thread you stated that pin 8 of C1, going to the PCM for the START RELAY, went to near zero volts in the START mode. That is exactly what should happen in order to activate the relay, make a connection to ground. If that information is correct and the wire connection going to pin 85 of the relay is making solid connection then the relay should work.