Lexus SC300 1992

I own a SC300 from 1992. It is one of the few that was sold with a standard transmission, or maybe just one of the few still running…

Can you look into your crystal ball and tell me if this car could be collectible down the road. There’s a great debate about how much money I should be putting in to this car at this point and if I should even keep it at all.

There is a niche market for these, they’re basically a Supra with a Lexus body, so the ‘tuner’ set likes to hop them up. As for general collectability, I wouldn’t count on it. It’s a ‘used car’, not an ‘investment’. But a good used car!

On Ebaymotors they get bid to between $3000 and $4000.

Once anything gets old enough it’s either a classic or a collectable.

Not necessarily. I have an old Singer sewing machine made in 1926. Works perfectly…I’ve used it. It’s a “portable”, which in those days meant they put a motor into the side of a treadle machine.

They made millions of them. It’s almost worthless. I only keep it 'cause it was my mom’s and I want to pass it on to my daughter. Besides, it’ll sew through leather.

They made a lot of SC300’s, so probably won’t be very collectible. The fact that it’s a manual tranny probably doesn’t make a big difference.

If you like it, why not keep it and keep it in good condition.

Thank you everyone. Consider this discussion over.

It just hasn’t got “old ENOUGH” yet :wink:

depends on how many SC’s with manual trannys were made. I know on the 3rd gen non-type S TL, the manual is already highly sought after because not many were made, and they were only made 3 out of the 5 years.

Also at that level of car, often times the manual tranny is accompanied by other goodies, like better brakes, an LSD, etc.