Lexus Mechanic Recommendation in SF Bay Area

Hello Folks,

Tried searching through the mechanic files, but didn’t find a solid lead for an independent mechanic specializing in Lexus. I have a 45k mile service coming up (sans oil change, that I do), and would also like alignment checked/fixed, since the Bay area roads are nothing to be proud of.

Can somebody point me to a mechanic that they’ve been happy with, and who is reasonably priced?

Lexus Stevens Creek is an option, but it is a bit pricey. I have another independent guy, that I use for my Mazda.


What does the 45K service entail? I think just fluids and filters changes. I don’t think there is that much that is special about your Lexus that couldn’t be done by your independent mechanic. II usually use an alignment/suspension specialist for my alignments, not necessarily my normal mechanic.

Talk to him and give him a shot if you are happy with the work he does with your Mazda. Be specific about any special fluids that the Lexus may require. He should be able to tell you how/whether he can procure them.

Any decent mechanic can work on a Lexus. There is not really anything particularly special about them, it’s just an upscale Toyota. The mechanical bits are all Toyota, which is familiar to pretty much any mechanic. The 45k mile service is listed in your maintenance schedule and consists of whatever is listed there, plus anything you may have missed at previous intervals. It probably consists of checking routine things like brakes, belts, filters, fluids, and perhaps changing some filters and fluids. The only thing I would add is a transmission fluid change if you haven’t done that yet. This may or may not be listed in your maintenance schedule, but if it’s not, it’s prudent to do this every 30k-50k miles, even for so-called “lifetime” fluids unless you are okay with replacing the transmission instead of the fluid.

If you’re going to spend money on a specialist of some sort, look into an alignment specialist. It will be money well spent, and certainly better spent than on a Lexus specialist. I have worked on a few RX350’s and they are very little different to work on than a Camry. Nothing overly complicated or different about them.

Lexus is a TOYOTA… My wifes Lexus ES-350 is almost the exact same car as the Toyota Avalon and Camry.

Since Toyota is a very very popular…that are many mechanics that can easily work on it. No special Lexus mechanic is required.