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Lexus RX330 25000 miles maintenance

I have a Lexus 2004 RX330 and regular take it to the Lexus dealership for maintenance.

Currently I have a little over 260000 miles.

At the last service, I was told and reminded several times thereafter I needed to have my Automatic Transmission flushed. The reason being that I don’t drive the car, junk builds up, etc.

The cost is pricey $300. Some web sites says, not necessary. Others says the service may include several flushes of about 24 qts of transmission oil.

Lexus claims the fluid is a special fluid. Some sites says the fluid is Mobil oil.


(1) Will the Lexus warranty be affected if not done.

(2) Does Lexus have to do it so the warranty is not affected?

(3) If the service is necessary and done by a non Lexus company, what should they provide in the bill as evidence the service was done in accordance to warranty? Number of quarts used?, number of flushes performed?, the type of fluid used? Other?

Correction, too many zeros - drop one zero, the car has 26000 miles!

Look in your maintenance schedule that came with your owner’s manual. If it has this in the schedule, than it needs to be done…but NOT by the dealer. You’d just need to keep your copy of the shop order from wherever you have it done and Lexus MUST honor the warranty.

HOWEVER…I’ll bet the maintenance schedule does not require this at your mileage…if at all. In that case, SKIP IT. They’re really only trying to flush your bank account.