Lexus Hybrid Suv



I would like a luxery suv and am considering a Lexus hybrid. Not willing to have a gas guzzling suv. I also really like the lower emissions. Will dealers negotiate/any much on a used (06) lexus??


They used to ask me if a Mustang would beat a Barracuda. Your question is impossible to answer because it is a dealer we are talking about. I’m afraid that you will have to negotiate this one yourself.


Also, if I recall, the Lexus SUV uses it’s hybrid powertrain for increased power and acceleration, not reduced fuel mileage. It uses the electric engine in combination with the gas engine during low speed acceleration, due to the electric engine’s excellent low RPM torque output. But the gas engine always runs, and while it may use slightly less fuel than a convention copy, the amount saved is offset by the increased purchase price of the hybrid.


Lexus is a high-demand brand. Negotiate your best deal, as you would with any automobile purchase, but don’t expect to pay Toyota money for a Lexus, even a used one. There is a premium for the name.

Isn’t there a Highlander hybrid? It would be essentially the same, mechanically, as the Lexus, but would cost less money.


The independent reviews indicate that the hybrid motor is used to boost gas-engine power as you have stated. AND this suv does run in electric-only mode like other full hybrid cars.