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Hybrid Technology

Can someone help me understand the “hybrid technology”? The only vehicle I’m familiar with is the Prius that has a gas engine that charges an electric motor that actually powers the car. Gas engine only runs to meet the charging demand for the electric motor hence the 50-60 mpg equivalent. Appears other brands such as Lexus, Nissan, etc. use different technology because the gains in mpg compared to normal gas engines is not that significant.

That is not the way the Prius works. Yes, the gas engine can charge the battery. But the propulsion is either the electric motor, the gas motor, or both, depending on various factors. This is a parallel Hybrid.

A series hybrid is as you list, with all the propulsion from the electric motor(s). There are very few of these.

There are other categories, such as mild parallel and series-parallel hybrid.

Then there are plug-in versions of each of those…

This is one of those things that Google is for. Search and you will find articles that can give facts .

I guess you aren’t aware that Lexus is a division of Toyota, and they use the same technology that Toyota uses.

The lesser gains in mpg equivalent with Lexus hybrid models, as compared to Toyota hybrid models, is almost surely the result of higher gross vehicle weight that results from the addition of more luxury accessories on the Lexus hybrid versions of Toyota hybrids.

Yes I knew Lexus was a part of Toyota, however, the hybrid technology must not be the same for all vehicles. Prius advertise 54-58mpg and only 34mpg for the RAV4 hybrid. Reason I mentioned Lexus the NX hybrid is advertising just 31 mpg which uses the same platform as the RAV4.

It’s the same basic technology. But weight and power tuning makes a big difference.

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Prius 3,075 lbs, RAV4 3,425 lbs, Lexus NX 3,940.

Not exactly comparing apples to apples. Do you really need a hybrid - take the Rav 4 gas starts at 24660.00 the Rav 4 Hybrid starts at 27385.00 - the fuel rating for gas is 23/30 and the hybrid is 34/30 . It seems like the pay back for the price difference will take a few miles.

What’s your point?

I wasn’t trying to make a point. You stated weight and power was the difference, I was simply providing the weight differences. Assume power refers to engine size; Prius 1.8L 4 cyl, both RAV4 and NX are 2.5L 4 cyl.

Volvo probably has it right, I don’t need a hybrid unless I’m willing to do the Prius, not a SUV. Might as well just opt for a standard gas given the small difference in mpg.

Oh, I understand now. Here’s more info on how they work.

Fair question Sam. An employee of Hyundai told me that the Ioniq hybrid line is hard for customers to understand. Here is a decent Hybrids 101 story. Here is a decent Hybrids 202 story after you get the basics. Hope they are helpful. These are from our partner site BestRide. Recently Chrysler began marketing its 'Pacifica Hybrid." Which is actually a plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV). Even the automakers don’t stick to their own definitions.

Prius 0 to 60 mph = 10 sec, Rav4 Hybrid = 8 sec; that’s a huge difference. Rav4 drivers apparently expect more performance (and pay for it at the gas pump). Also, the Prius is more aerodynamic.