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Lexus ES250

My friend want to sell me Lexus ES250?

Is there are any major problem with that car?

That’s about 20 years old, right? Any 20 year old car will need repairs. How many miles? How complete is the repair record? How much?

miles doesn’t know
repair record doesn’t know

The Lexus ES250 is a thinny disguised Toyota Camry with a much nicer interior and sound insulation. A decent start of a durable car. However the life between the rolling off the factory line to now is a complete unknown.

Don’t let this hurt your friendship. It may be a serious dud or gem. So remember that.

I would pay a mechanic $50-$100 to check it out. I understand lot of your purchase price but invaluable in the insight of a half decent $900 car or the money pit lurking.