2000 Lexus


I am thinking about buying a 2000 Lexus SUV from my sister. She is selling it for 11,000 and it has about 74,000 miles on it. It’s in great condition and it’s “top of the line”.

My question is the cost to fix it if it needs repairs (she is going to pay for a mechanic to take a look at it before she sells it to me). I know if I take it to a Lexus place for repairs it will probably cost an arm and a leg.

However, I think if I take it to my regular guy, it will be less expensive. Any suggestions or ideas?


If you bear in mind that this Lexus SUV is mechanically the same as an equivalent Toyota SUV, then you will realize that any competent mechanic should be able to work on it. The good news is that Toyota vehicles (and Lexus vehicles) are very well-built, and are less prone to breakdown than many other makes. The bad news is that putting the Lexus nameplate on that Toyota increases the cost of that reliable vehicle to a very great extent.

Yes, the upholstery and the trim are nicer, and yes, many of the styling touches are nicer, but mechanically it is still a Toyota, so any competent mechanic has seen those parts many, many times and should be able to work on it readily.