Can I do transmission fluid change meself? Used 2023 RX350h. 67k

Cheapest I found was $350.
They say they do not back flush.

Thank you.

Based on your posts. I seriously doubt you could. Leave it to the professional.

  1. Have you watched the procedure?
    2023-rx350h transmission fluid change - Google Search

  2. Do you have the right equipment?

  3. Is this the vehicle you use for blood product transportation?
    If so, is that not a business expense that might be a tax deduction?


This is why I don’t buy “luxury” cars: they have “luxury” prices for repairs/maintenance.

Before you start figuring out how to “save money” by doing this yourself, ask:

  1. Do I have the physical space/area to do this work?
  2. Can I potentially be without my vehicle for a day or longer, should something go wrong?
  3. Do I have a way of safely/correctly disposing of the old transmission fluid?
  4. Will I affect or void any remaining warranty on the vehicle?

If you’re honest with your answers on this, I think you’ll find the $350.00 is well worth the cost. Good luck.


Given the hybrid drivetrain I’d have the dealer do it. And it should be no more expensive than a change on the equivalent Toyota, same transmission. So you should check how much they’d charge. Or find an independent shop that’s very familiar with these models. That’s what I did.


PLEASE do it yourself.

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Good point. It’s only a business expense/tax deduction if he uses the Actual Expense method (vs. Mileage Method) and, even then, the deduction is limited to the percentage of business vs. personal use.

Also remembering the blood deliveries, the Federal tax deduction for unreimbursed charitable use of a vehicle is detailed at IRS 2023 Publication 526, page 5 where it also mentions a Standard Mileage Rate, which is currently $0.14 / per mile and some States also offer a similar deduction

Did my on fluid change, undid the Jesus clip to radiator, capacity 12 quarts. Hooked a hose up to the line and marked off a 5gal bucket with quart lines marked on it. Added new fluid at the rate it was filling the bucket. Went fine but 6 months later minor issues, had a shop do a change, that only changes 6 quarts and replace filter. All better, Felt good to put 12 quarts of new stuff in but ended up having to pay for a service anyway.

@Robert-Gift doesn’t have the proper equipment OR mindset to do a proper automatic transmission fluid service on his vehicle


Equipment? I don’ need no stinkin’ equipment.

Must fluid be drawn out with suction?

Was thinking of draining and replacing withexact amount.

But I only have ramps. Musthe vehicle be level?

I wouldrain cold and have the new fluid stored nexto the vehicle be the same temperature.

I guess the answer to my question, posted 5 days ago is “no”.

Your statements PROVE you shouldn’t be performing the automatic transmission fluid service on your own vehicle

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I say just go for it, and let us all know how much money you saved after all said and done… :wink:

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Here is whathey charge $350 to do.

Need to cut a service pit in our garage cement floor.

That’s exactly why he should do it. At least he’d be off the road until he gets the transmission repaired/replaced.


Here is what they charge — There I fixed for you so stop being cute and act like an adult , Troll.


Nice thought, but never going to happen.


I mean, conventional wisdom, based upon your prior exploits would suggest that, no you should absolutely not attempt this…But, at the same time, just out of morbid curiosity I kinda want to see how it would actually turn out. So if you decide to go through it, please document the process.


And the crowd starts chanting Change It!! Change It!! Change It!! Change It!! :laughing:

According to the video, it’s so easy Even A Caveman Could Do It, a no brainer…

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