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Lexus CT 200h - Stutters when launched

I have a Lexus 200H SUV which has the same problem as you described. You step on gas and the car stutters leaving you in a lurch. I bought the car new and Lexus will not do anything about the problem. I have almost been hit several times because of the lag. I’ve called Lexus local and Lexus corporate office with no luck. I’m considering legal action. My car does not have a recall.

On a non-hybrid I’d suspect a bad/dirty MAF sensor or a dirty throttle body. I don’t know enough about hybrids to know if the same things apply. A bad throttle position sensor might be a possibility. BTW, since there aren’t any 2022 models on the streets yet, what year is your Lexus?


My vote is to take legal action.

I vote for a can of seafome or techron,

It’s a hybrid. Does the engine provide propulsion, or is it just there to charge the battery?

Forgive me please.

If your Lexus is still in warranty or was when you first complained to the dealer, you still have an opportunity to explore some recourse. I think warranty work is unlikely since 2017 was the last year the CT 200h was sold. If you are approaching it as warranty work and don’t qualify, there is nothing they can do for you. NHTSA has one complaint for the 2012 and two complaints for the 2013 model years like yours.

Year and miles?

I have a 2015 Lexus 200T Hybrid. I bought the car new and the problem started immediately. Car sometimes stutters on takeoff which is very dangerous. It did it when I was pulling out on a busy street with not a lot of time and I almost got hit. A few days ago we were at a red light when a semi came up in back of us blaring his horn to get out of his way because he couldn’t stop. My husband saw him in mirror and hit the gas and car stuttered, he missed us by an inch. I have called local dealer and they claim nothing is wrong and I called Lexus Headquarters “no recalls on my model”. So I’m asking the public for help.

Thanks, Mary

I’m not a lawyer, but by letting this go for ~6 years, I don’t think you have any legal options. You might have had satisfaction under your states’ lemon law, but I suspect too late now.
But if you want to consult a lawyer, that is your decision.

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You are not going to get much help from Lexus after this much time . Legal action will most likely cost you money and still not solve this . I can’t imagine putting up with this for 6 years .

I think you should trade and also return to a non Hybrid vehicle .

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I wouldn’t avoid hybrids because of this, it must be a very rare problem, first I remember seeing here.

This problem seems rare enough that Lexus would rather lose you as a customer than fix whatever is wrong, unless you pay for it. If the dealer you normally work with can’t find the problem, maybe another dealer nearby can. IMO, your best bet is to trade the car for something else. It solves the problem immediately. Since Lexus doesn’t seem to want your continued business, try something else.

Can you reproduce the problem, or is it too random?

A few days ago we were at a red light when a semi came up in back of us blaring his horn to get out of his way because he couldn’t stop. My husband saw him in mirror and hit the gas and car stuttered, he missed us by an inch.
It would not help you any but if the semi would have hit you it would have been his fault he was defiantly driving to fast for conditions if he couldn’t make an emergency stop with out hitting someone or something unless there was something wrong with his truck.

A stutter is defined as repetition of sounds, this is an unusual complaint and won’t get much attention from a technician.

Is the vehicle shaking while accelerating? Power output low?

If the driver has their left foot on the brake pedal, the accelerator will not respond.

Have you taken a drive with a mechanic yet? That way you can tell them when you feel it.

The car has been to lexus service many times they won’t fix it. there is a big recall for the same thing on o
otherr lexus models. The problem is sometimes it just won’t go on takeoff. Foot on gas and nothing happens a few seconds later it moves. It is dangerous to drive I have almost been hit several times.

So why do you still have this thing ? As I posted before Lexus is not going to do anything after this much time without some kind of recall which may not happen .


I can’t find any recalls on hybrid Lexus models for hesitation problems. What is your source for this information? My source is NHTSA ( They administer the US recall program. If they don’t list it, it doesn’t exist.