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Lexus 2002 IS300 replacing back up light bulb

Looked but can’t find where the back-up lightbulb gets changed. Doesn’t seem to have access without taking the bumper off. Can anyone help?

Sorry I forgot to designate the car model.

Did you check the owner’s manual? Sometimes there are instructions for simple things like replacing the bulbs.

I would be very surprised if the Owner’s Manual did not contain information on this topic. Even if it says “take car to dealer” (which is typical for some of the more difficult bulb replacement procedures), it will at least deal with the topic.

From the pictures it looks like they are on the trunk lid? Or in the tail light? At any rate, if they are there, there should be no reason to take off the bumper. If they are in the trunk lid, just take the plastic keepers for the trunk covering enough to reach inside and twist the light socket to get it out. If they are in the tail light you’ll need to look a little. There may be just a couple screws that holds the whole light assembly in, or it could be in back of the trim panel again. May have to remove the plastic trim panel keepers to see how the light is attached. On my old Buick I almost had the whole bumper off before I discovered two screws that held the whole assembly in place.