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Less is more

The option list on some vehicles bother me,I have actually purchased a vehicle because the default engine was a good one(or at least it had a bearing on the purchase)I’m tired of all the BPI engines{BPI= barely pull it} that people get saddled with.But some manu’s actually offer to many.My choice is good and very good(case in point GM trucks,I would like a 5.0 aluminum V-8 standard,with an upgrade to the 6.0 and 6.2 V-8s with iron blocks optional and of course the Duramax too) I want your opinion,have some fun-tell how you would trim and upgrade the manufacturers engine lineups-Kevin

In my opinion, this isn’t a problem. If you want a lot of horsepower, buy a vehicle that comes with it. If you don’t want a lot of horsepower, buy something small and efficient with a decent power to weight ratio.

The problem is in hilly country the default engine will usually consume as much fuel as an engine with decent performance,everybody with a high performance V-8 claims as good a mileage as I get with my V-6 Dakota in the hills(17 mpg).Anyway this post wasnt really specifically about this anyway,it wouldnt hurt the manufacturers to stop producing so much pablam ,often times you can only get an engine upgrade with a expensive package.Anyway part of my post was to sound off on what you would like to see,thanx for the reply-Kevin

They package things that way PURPOSELY. It’s called marketing. 30 years ago you use to be able to choose your options…Intermittent-wipers, reclining front seats, carpeting, leather seats…etc…etc. Now the manufacturers put them in packages. It’s actually cheaper for the manufacturer to do it this way. Back in 84 when I bought my new GMC S-15…Get a call from the dealer telling me my truck was in. I ordered the Sienna Classic with a few extra options (reclining bucket seats, rear-jump seats and a couple others). When I went to pick up my truck…I noticed it didn’t have a rear-bumper. I asked where the rear-bumper was…“You didn’t order a rear bumper”. I didn’t know that in 84 in NY the rear-bumper was “Optional”.

Some manufacturers option packages I really don’t understand. Although they are getting better. When I bought my 90 pathfinder it didn’t come with intermittent wipers. If I wanted factory installed intermittent wipers I had to buy the automatic. Luckily Nissan sold a intermittent wiper conversion for $90.

GM trucks come standard with aluminum 4.8 V8 (so long as you don’t get the bottom Work Truck trim level). That’s pretty close to five liters.

For a GM half ton truck I would go with the LTZ model with the 6 liter V8 and six speed automatic and a 3.73 rear end

For a Ford half ton, I would wait until the new 5.0L DOHC “coyote” V8 or the rumored 6.2L Boss V8’s become available. The new F-150 Raptor looks cool though.

For a Dodge half ton, I would go with the 5.7L Hemi and the 5 (and a half) speed automatic with 3.92 gears

For a 3/4 ton or better GM, I wouldn’t get one

For 3/4 ton or better Ford, I’d get the 6.8L V10 with the 5 speed automatic and 4.10 or 4.30 gears

For the 3/4 ton or better Dodge I would get the Power Wagon.

Every non hybrid engine lineup should include a honest manual transmission option.
Not that pretend ‘shift manually or automatically’ stuff on some European cars.
There were cars [like the Honda CRV] I would have considered at my last purchase if a stick shift were available.
It’s a must have for me.
Yes, in my future geezerdom I’d be content to glide around in some big Buick with a 5-speed.

didnt know the V10 was still availiable FoDaddy-thanks,Kevin

I tried to get this post in general discussion,but not always sucessful(any tips guys on how to put where you want em’)-besides I would like to see more standard assembly mounts(sae categories I suppose)-Kevin