New car or truck

If you could get the car makers to make your model what would it be like?( even if its 95% of what you want for half the cost) you can use the latter for your default-Kevin

That’s an easy one. I’d have Infiniti handle the exterior styling, Audi handle the drivetrain, BMW handle the suspension, Mercedes handle the interior styling, Acura handle the navigation system, and Lexus handle the stereo.

The Lexus (mid size, not the 400)seems to have everything I want in a car.

Very cool there seems to be a higher standard-Kevin

Hey Doc thanx for replying, some of my stuff gets lost in cyberspace.I hate to admit this-some of my best used cars are asian.Why? I used to bleed domestic, it hasnt helped me any.But my neighbor down the hill has a new G8 thats fantastic-Kevin

It would be as comfortable, enjoyable, and reliable as my Scion tC with a bit less understeer on hard turns (perhaps some upgraded sway bars?), powered by a Tesls designed drive system, and…I guess that would do it!

I’d HAVE to have my sliding glass roof!

spotted a Scion mini sport ute the other day I liked the the looks of,gonna have to check it out.The more research I’m doing the better I like whats offered,every manufacturer has at least one model I like.But still am craving that build list-Kevin