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Airbag Sensor

Hello, please can someone clear up some confusion for me…

Have just taken my car in for a diagnostic check as my airbag light has been illuminated for a couple of days and have been told by the garage that “there is a fault with the drivers side airbag crash sensor”.

For an hours work to replace the sensor the garage have quoted ?340!

But, I’ve read on some websites, that this fault is sometimes caused by the cable coming loose when adjusting the seat.

Has anyone else had the same problem? And could I replace the sensor myself? (no female jokes please!)

Many thanks!

PS My car is a Seat Ibiza 1.9TDI (FR version)

I suggest letting a mechanic work on the airbag system. You could replace the sensor yourself but it may be quite difficult to access, and any mistake could set off the airbags, which would make a huge mess.

If you want to attempt this repair yourself, you will need a service manual for your Ibiza, and you’ll want to follow the directions for disarming the airbag system VERY CAREFULLY.

You could get another estimate before authorizing the work.

Airbag systems can fail for many different reasons. A bad crash sensor is one reason. A loose cable under the seat is an entirely different reason. The diagnostic codes apparently pointed to a particular crash sensor, and not one of the in seat sensors or airbags.
This is not a DIY job for someone without any experience.