Gas Pedal Angle Hurting the knees when driving

I had a problem driving with pain in my right hip (which was surgically replaced 10 years ago) when I stopped driving my Toyota Corolla and started driving a Ford Tempo and a Ford Escort. It only happened after driving more than 1 hour. I’m short - 5’3" - so that might be part of the problem. I finally solved the problem by putting several cushions on the seat so that I was “boosted” in the seat. Then I moved the seat forward (so that I could reach the gas pedal), so this changed the angle that my foot hit the accelerator. I think that Toyotas are designed for shorter people and Fords for taller people.

There are pedal extension devices for people with disabilities. See if you can find a shop in your area that does modifications for disabled drivers. Your state’s ADA office should have a list. They might be able to help you.

You might now be closer to the airbag than recommended. I agree with the same mountainbike that a pedal extension might be worth investigating.

  I think that Toyota is for short people and Ford is for tall people. 

I am afraid the OP actually believes that statement.