A larger brake pedal?

I own a 1999 Buick Park Avenue and I’m a disabled driver. I have a condition called Lymphedema in both legs which causes swelling and mobility issues in my legs. I can use the gas and brake pedals, but I have trouble getting my foot over to the brake pedal and tend to catch the pedal on the right edge rather than making better contact. From what I’m seeing, I really need a larger brake pedal or to have the brake pedal moved to the right an inch or so. I’ve looked at the pedals and there seems to be more than enough room between the two pedals so that having the brake pedal closer to the gas should not cause a problem. How can this be done? Can the brake pedal be easily relocated (I’m guessing not) or is there something that can be put on the pedal itself to give me more room on the pedal itself nearer the gas pedal so I can hit it more squarely? Any ideas would be welcome, thanks!

Relocating the brake pedal is not that easy. It is doable bending it towards the gas pedal if it were within 10 millimeter or so. Or I might attach the plate onto the gas pedal like aftermarket products.

I belive the car manufacturer have viable options for you. Pedal position is going to be very important to control the vehicle, Good luck.

have you look into a hand operated brake unit?

Check for a shop near home that will modify your car for you. We have a friend without a right leg. When she gets a new car, she has the gas pedal relocated to the left of the brake so that she can use her left foot. The shop can help you choose whether youwnat a hand brake or relcated.enlarged foot brake. You might also talk to your doctor for suggestions on how your disease will progress. The doctor might also know of shops that modify cars for disabled people.

Check your Yellow Pages for Mobility under car repairs. These folks modify vehicles for situations like yours. Also, have you considered using your LEFT foot to brake rather than your RIGHT? I know some consider it anathema, but I’ve been doing it for over 50 years.